Location and information



     The restaurant Grand Plaza is located in the historical area of the Sibiu city named also “Downtown” being very close by the railway station and only 5 minutes from the center. The restaurant is very popular and appreciated not only by the inhabitants but also by foreigner tourists because of its savory traditional dishes and also for its affordable prices.

The menu is much diversified containing 40 dishes that are obtained from fresh condiments; the unique taste of the cooking will make you to come back every time.

There are some clients who say that at Grand Plaza you eat “very well” or as Romanians would say when they really enjoy the food, is like “eating at your mother home”. However you don’t convince yourself if you won’t taste once our cooking.

The personnel of the restaurant are very well trained and are available for every type of special event of your life.







     We are waiting for you.


                      (Daily schedule 09,30-22,30)